Striped Reflective Tape - HIGH INTENSITY PRISMATIC Type 4 - (BY THE FOOT)

Regular price $5.00
Red White Striped Chevron Reflective - Left and Right
Type 4 HIP HIM Reflective Barricade Tape
Red White Reflective Barrier Tape Nikkalite
left right slant high intensity prismatic reflective tape
reflective red white prismatic type 4 barricade tape
High Intensity Microprismatic Barricade Tape Nikkalite
  • 4" - $5.00 PER FOOT (Left or Right) - High Intensity Prismatic Type 4 Striped
  • 6" - $7.00 PER FOOT (Left or Right) - High Intensity Prismatic Type 4 Striped
  • 8" - $9.00 PER FOOT (Left or Right) - High Intensity Prismatic Type 4 Striped

Available BY THE FOOT.  Our BRIGHTEST and most VIVID reflective striped barricade tape.  Great for creating Reflective Chevron Panels on the back of vehicles.  Just purchase equal amounts of left and right slant and connect in the middle. (for by the foot orders, we cut the material to match in the middle)

ASTM D4956 Type 4 High Intensity Prismatic Grade reflective barricade tape rolls. 10 year outdoor rating. 30% brighter than our Type 3 Barricade Tape. Colors are much more vivid than Type 1 or Type 3. Choice of Red / White or Orange / White stripes.  Right or left slant. Both colors are reflective. The material is backed with an aggressive, high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive that bonds well to most substrates used in construction zone signage. The stripes are printed under the top clear layer so that the sheeting is resistant to scratching. This material is designed to be applied to a flat smooth surface.

On this page, our Pre-Striped reflective barricade tape rolls are available BY THE FOOT. We carry 4", 6", and 8" wide rolls. For other widths please call me at (850) 934-3157. The diagonal stripes are 6 inches wide at a 45 degree angle. This tape is used in a wide variety of applications from barriers to vehicle conspicuity striping. Reflectivity is approximately 360 Candelas for the white which is comparable to the reflective tape you would see on brighter street signs.  Surface must be smooth, flat and clean for installation.  Simple peel and stick application.  When you order equal amounts of both slants we will cut the tape where the pattern begins in the same spot for both slants.

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