Super Engineer Grade Type 2 Reflective Tape (SEG)

Nikkalite SUPER ENGINEER GRADE (ASTM D4956 Type 2) Reflective Tape (SEG) is twice as bright as standard engineer grade type 1 reflective tape and perfect for smooth surfaces like pipes, bollards, tailgates, fences, gates, or any other flat or single curve surface.  Available in White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Super Engineer Grade is 5.5 mils thick and has a permanent acrylic adhesive with a peel-off backing.  It utilizes embedded retro-reflective glass beads to reflect light.  Other common uses are markings on vehicles, bicycles, wheelchairs, bollards, fences and gates.  It meets ASTM specifications D 4956 and LS-300C is resistant to weathering and fading and is rated for a 12-year outdoor life.