Oralite "Prismatic Air Backed & Metalized" Reflective Garment Trims

In this collection we carry GP330, GP440, and SOLAS sewon garment trims. GP330 is a PVC based air backed prismatic, while GP440 and SOLAS are metallized prismatic fabric backed trims.

Air backed GP330 films are vivid in color, and thicker due to their two layer design.

Micro Prismatic Fabric Backed films (GP440 & SOLAS) are thin, brighter, and very flexible, with the soft feel of cloth (soft hand).

  • High performance microprismatic trim
  • Reflects in all weather conditions
  • Long distance visibility
  • Features a stain resistant surface coating
  • Certified to ANSI 107-2015 | CSA Z96-2015 Level 2