Reflective Chevron Strips for Diamond Plate - Peel & Stick - Lime & Red

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  • Quantity 1 = 24 strips (1 square foot of coverage)

  • V98 Fluorescent Lime Chevron Strips - $18.00 (sheet of 24 - 1 Square Foot Coverage) Available in Style A B C D

  • V98 Red Chevron Strips - $18.00 (sheet of 24 - 1 Square Foot Coverage) Available in Style A B C D

NOTE - to assure a proper fit, you need to test a free sample on your diamond plate BEFORE purchasing.  When you order our sample pack you will get one of each and they will be marked A, B, C or D.  This will insure that you get a perfect fit.  Order our Free Reflective Diamond Plate Sample Pack or contact me at for one.

Our "Chevron Strips" are the quickest and easiest way to create reflective chevron stripes on diamond plate or tread plate. (Based on our experience installation is about 4 times quicker than dots.) Our chevron strips for diamond plate also create cleaner nicer looking chevrons. Click Here to use our diamond plate shape calculator.

We sell this product based on the square foot coverage. One square foot of coverage or 24 strips runs $18.  This makes it simple to estimate how many strips you need.  Just measure the area you need to stripe and calculate how many square feet you have.  If you have 10 square feet you would need 5 square feet of red strips and 5 square feet of fluorescent lime. 

To install our "chevron strips" you simply peel, position, and press on.  Each strip takes just a few seconds to install.  The design is made to go around the diamonds. 

To read our article on  how to estimate the number of shapes you will need for your diamond plate click here.

In summary,

  • In the ordering section below you will first choose the color. 

  • Then you will choose the style (size) you need (A,B,C,D) based upon a test of your diamond plate. 

  • Then you will enter the number of square feet that you need to cover in the quantity box. 

  • If you have any questions just call at 850-934-3157 or email me.


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