ORALITE FRA 224 Rail Car Reflective Tape (R99)

FRA Approved R99 Prismatic Grade Rail Car Tape by ORALITE. Available in Yellow (Amber) or White (Silver) FRA approved and carries the FRA-224 logo. It is specifically designed to improve the nightime visibility of railroad cars.  Kiss cut to 18" lengths for easy application to rail cars.  Can be used in a variety of other applications such as school buses, vehicles, industrial equipment, bollards and other objects where night time visibility is needed. Single layer film that continues to reflect even after multiple impacts.  Does not delaminate. Outdoor rated for 10 years. FRA requirements are for 4" x 36" strips at both ends of a rail car and 4" x 18" strips every 12 feet.  We carry 4 x 30 and 4 x 150 rolls.  You can click here for a spec sheet on this product. 

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