6" CRG Type 8 Crystal Grade Chevron Tape Rolls - 30' & 150'

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  • Solid Yellow or Red CRG 6" x 30' Reflective Rolls - $129.99 per roll

  • Solid Yellow or Red CRG 6" x 150' Reflective Rolls - $499.99 per roll

6" x 30' or 150' Crystal Grade Chevron Striping. Our brightest film. This is a Type 8  - 10 year rated material that is comparable to diamond grade.   This material is about as thick as a credit card and very tough. Because it is thick and stiff it should only be used on flat surfaces.  Over 10 times brighter than engineer grade tapes.

Nikkalite Brand Crystal Grade - Type 8 retro-reflective sheeting is a prismatic material that renders very high retro-reflectivity at night. (3m calls their prismatic films "diamond grade" whereas Nikkalite calls theirs "crystal grade")  It is highly resistant to the extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid weather conditions.  

Emergency vehicles striped with Nikkalite CRG Type 8 sheeting are both attractive in appearance and highly visible during both day and night.  This sheeting is backed with a pre-coated, pressure-sensitive (PS) adhesive. A honeycomb type design in the material designates it as Crystal or CRG grade. Within these honeycomb shapes you can see the small prisms that give the film its extreme brightness.

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