The Difference between 1403 and 1404 Oralite SOLAS Reflective

The Difference between 1403 and 1404 Oralite SOLAS Reflective

Oralite (formerly Reflexite) manufactures two types of SOLAS.  A 1403 version and a 1404 version.  1403 SOLAS comes in self-adhesive and sew on and 1404 comes only in a self-adhesive version. Both versions reflect the same, are durable, and share the same strong adhesive. Both films are also single layer tapes that do not delaminate like other SOLAS tapes. The difference is in the flexibility, conformability, and stretchability of the films themselves.  Note - Oralite 1403 SOLAS fulfills requirements for Type 1 and Type 2 applications.  Oralite 1404 SOLAS fulfills requirements for Type 1 only.  See below for more information.

FD 1403 SOLAS is flexible (bendable) but will not stretch. It is made to be applied to a smooth, hard surface.  Example applications would be a fiberglass lifeboat, smooth buoys or marine markers, jet skis, aluminum docks, etc.. It is more weather resistant than 1404 SOLAS and can be used for Type 1 and Type 2 applications.  Non-marine applications would include the flat areas of a vehicle, flat areas on a bike or motorcycle, large-diameter bollards or fence posts, etc.. FD1403 will wrap around a radius like a bollard or tube but the diameter needs to be around 2" or more to avoid the edges lifting. 

FD 1404 SOLAS is flexible (bendable) and also stretchable (moldable) meaning that it will work on all the surfaces that 1403 SOLAS will work on as well as other flexible surfaces like zodiac boats, survival suits, nylon jackets, life jackets, inflatable boat bumpers, life rafts and more. It is also able to wrap around tighter radiuses.  Oralite FD 1404 SOLAS is certified for Type 1 applications only.  

Difference between Type 1 and Type 2 SOLAS requirement.

(a) Type I - Material used on flexible surfaces and rigid surfaces, except rigid surfaces that are continuously exposed. Both Oralite FD1404 and FD1403 meet this requirement.

(b) Type II - Weather resistant material used on continuously exposed rigid surfaces.  Oralite FD1403 meets this requirment.