Oralite V92 Daybright - 3" & 4" Rolls - Solid White

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3 x 30 Rolls - Solid White (silver) - $79.99

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4 x 30 Rolls - Solid White (silver) - $99.99

4 x 150 Rolls - Solid White (silver) - $289.99

  • Solid White. Made in the USA. 5 year outdoor rating.

  • Easy to apply. Simply peel the backing off and apply to a clean surface. Then apply pressure using a squeegee or soft cloth. 

  • Brightness and contrast between the two colors makes this tape stand out day and night.   

  • Oralite DOT tapes are made in a patented single layer design thus eliminating problems that arise from delamination.  They DO NOT come apart like other brands. 

  • 3″ or 4" DOT tapes can be used for DOT applications such as marking tractor trailers or for marking boats, motorcycles, guardrails, fences, gates and vehicles.  (DOT regulated tractor trailers require a 2" or wider tape)

  • Thin, flexible and weather proof.  Maintains Reflectivity after Impact.

Click here for a V92 Spec Sheet

Click Here for Application Guidelines

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