Reflective Hard Hat - 1" (Stretchable) High Intensity Tape - 30' & 150' Rolls

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Our high intensity reflective hard hat and helmet tape is flexible, conformable, stretchable and affordable making it perfect for adding visibility and reflectivity to hard hats and helmets. This is a type 3 high intensity product that is 3 times brighter than standard engineer grade tapes.  To apply, simply cut the amount you need, peel away the backing, and apply to your helmet or hard hat.  As you can see from the pictures  below, the tape is able to conform over uneven surfaces and compound curves. We carry white, yellow and orange.

To install simply peel the backing off the tape and apply to a clean surface. Press on with a clean cloth or squeegee. To enhance the stretchability of the tape simply heat with a hair dryer while applying.  For compound curves like on a helmet apply by pressing from the middle of the tape outward.

Click Here for a High Intensity Type 3 Spec Sheet

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At Reflective Inc. we carry an extensive catalog of reflective tape types, widths and colors. Our Reflective Hard Hat - 1" (Stretchable) High Intensity Tape - 30' & 150' Rolls is only one of the choices we have. When it comes to safety and visibility, it is our business to make sure we have what you need, when you need it. If you need a custom size or color, please click on the contact link above and let us know.

Reflective Tape Inventory Updated: Mar 01, 2024