SOLAS (Oralite) Marine Reflective Tape - Adhesive or Sew On

ORAFOL (Oralite) SOLAS (safety of life at sea) Marine Grade Reflective Tape - Coast Guard Approved. (M82-1545 FD1403 and FD1404 Type) Brightest and toughest tape available. Self Adhesive or Sew On.  FD1403 is for hard surfaces like fiberglass life boats.  FD1404 is used for flexible surfaces like survival suits, jackets and zodiac boats. 

 8-mil thick, flexible, UV-stabilized, weather- resistant polymeric film with prismatic retroreflective elements. Designed to withstand a marine environment, FD1403 survives continuous immersion in seawater, sub- freezing temperatures, and intense exposure to sunlight, guano and harsh weather. High-brightness Oralite SOLAS material is visible at distances of more than one kilometer.  Meets U.S. Coast Guard Specification G-Sec-393A for use on Maritime Aids to Navigation.