Motor Cycle Reflective Chevron Panels - Left & Right - Multiple Colors - Oralite

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Quantity 1 = One Pair of Peel and Stick Reflective Motorcycle Chevron Panels for Panniers and Saddlebags (left and right)

Please note: Before selecting your color, we recommend reviewing the color combination images in our gallery above. The Fluorescent Lime and Red combination is our most popular choice. Additionally, we offer a variety of colors shown in our swatch image that may not appear in the dropdown menu. If you're interested in any of these colors, or in a color not featured, please contact us. We also accommodate requests for custom sizes.

This page features our custom-designed motorcycle pannier panels, available in three sizes and customizable to suit your specific requirements. The panels feature 1.5-inch wide stripes. While they are primarily designed for motorcycles, these versatile panels are also suitable for trailers, golf carts, ATVs, roll-off containers, and various other objects requiring enhanced visibility.

Our motorcycle chevron panels, like our other chevron products, are crafted from high-quality Oralite V98 prismatic reflective material. This material is known for its brightness, flexibility, and ease of application. There are two methods for installation: you can either apply the decal and then trim it with an X-Acto knife or trim the decal first before application. These panels are designed for easy peel-and-stick application.

We offer three sizes: 6" x 12" priced at $29.99, 8" x 14" at $39.99, and 10" x 16" at $49.99. The listed prices include a set of two panels (one for the left side and one for the right).

  • Available Color Combinations:

    • Red / Fluorescent Lime (Most Popular)
    • Orange / Fluorescent Lime
    • Green / Fluorescent Lime
    • Black / Fluorescent Lime (Note: black stripes are not reflective)
    • Red / White (silver)
    • Orange / White (silver)
    • Black / White (silver) (Note: black stripes are not reflective)
    • Green / White (silver)
    • Blue / White (silver)

      Our Motor Cycle Reflective Chevron Panels - Left & Right - Multiple Colors - Oralite reflective product is designed to increase safety through enhanced visibility. Every project has its own special characteristics and requirements. We carry a large catalog of reflective tapes to meet the requirements of a multitude of applications. If you have any questions about our Motor Cycle Reflective Chevron Panels - Left & Right - Multiple Colors - Oralite click on the contact link and let us know.

      Inventory Last Updated: Apr 18, 2024