C80 Stimsonite Reflective Road Markers (MARKERS ONLY)

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C80 Reflective Two Way Road Markers - White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red/Wht, Ylw/Wht - $4.00 each (MARKERS ONLY)

Stimsonite Raised Pavement Markers. Very bright and simple to install. Available in blue, yellow, white, yellow/red, green, red and white/red. Perfect for marking roads, parking lots, restricted areas, fire hydrants, etc.. The Stimsonite ultra bright  model C80 markers are reflective from both directions.

Can be applied using two part epoxy from Lowes or Home Depot.  For markers with our butyl or thermo pads see our other products in this category.

At Reflective Inc. we carry an extensive catalog of reflective tape types, widths and colors. Our C80 Stimsonite Reflective Road Markers (MARKERS ONLY) is only one of the choices we have. When it comes to safety and visibility, it is our business to make sure we have what you need, when you need it. If you need a custom size or color, please click on the contact link above and let us know.

Reflective Tape Inventory Updated: May 28, 2023