Road Marker Adhesive Pads Only (Melt Down Thermo)

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Road Marker Adhesive Application Pads.  Melt (torch) Down Thermoplastic - $3 per pad

To apply using our Thermoplastic Torch down pads simple lay the pad on an asphalt surface and torch the pad until it is completely molten.  Then lay the road marker in the molten thermoplastic and let it cool.

If you have any questions about our Road Marker Adhesive Pads Only (Melt Down Thermo) please reach out to us using the contact link above. Also, if this is not the product you need, please use the "Products" drop down menu above. We carry a wide variety of reflective tapes in a multitude of colors, lengths, widths and types. If you do not find what you need just let us know and we can try and source it for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 19, 2024