6" Flexible Engineer Grade Tape Rolls - 30' & 150' Rolls

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6 x 30 Rolls - $79.99

6 x 150 Rolls - $169.99

- ASTM D-4956 Type 1 Reflective Flexible Engineer Grade Tape in WHITE, YELLOW, RED, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, GOLD, FLUORESCENT LIME, PURPLE and BLACK. Reflects at 75 candelas (white). 7 year outdoor durable film.

-Conformable film making it the most affordable, versatile and popular reflective tape on the market. Peel and stick application.

-Used to mark fences, trucks, automatic gates, bollards, gate arms, floors, loading docks, poles, bollards, trailers, EMS vehicles, snow poles, dumpsters, etc...

-Stretches when warmed with a hair dryer. When applied in temperatures below 78 degrees it performs just like standard engineer grade.  Once applied, this tape 

-Can wrap around small diameter radiuses like snow poles. (Only a few tapes can do this)

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    Reflective Tape Inventory Updated: May 28, 2023