Oralite SAE / Reflex Reflectors - Amber and Red

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Quantity 1 = 1 roll of 25, 50 or 100 (select using drop down menu)

Oralite Type 5 SAE Reflex Reflectors. Incredibly bright prismatic film. Can be seen from thousands of feet away.  10 times brighter than standard engineer grade film. We carry 2" x 3.5" Rounded Rectangles and 3" Diameter Circles in both Red and Amber (yellow).  Used for marking vehicles and trailers to meet DOT requirements for reflectivity.  Amber is for the front sides and red is for the rear sides.  Can also be used for a variety of other applications.  Simple peel and stick application.  Much more rugged than plastic raised reflex reflectors. Prices are as follows - 

25 Reflectors - $35
50 Reflectors - $60
100 Reflectors - $100

Use drop down menus above to order color, size, type and quantity. Shipping is free. Click here for a spec sheet. These incredibly bright reflectors are stamped with the SAE DOT designation.  They are used to mark the sides of vehicles and trailers.  Specifically the front and rear sides.  The amber yellow goes up front and the red goes to the rear. (both sides of the vehicle) These simple peel and stick reflectors can be used in an endless variety of other applications where a thin, rugged, bright reflector is needed.  The adhesive used is highly aggressive and designed to keep the reflectors in place in the harshest of conditions.

    At Reflective Inc. we carry an extensive catalog of reflective tape types, widths and colors. Our Oralite SAE / Reflex Reflectors - Amber and Red is only one of the choices we have. When it comes to safety and visibility, it is our business to make sure we have what you need, when you need it. If you need a custom size or color, please click on the contact link above and let us know.

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