Oralite P82 Photo Electric Reflective Tape

Oralite P82 Photoelectric tape is a very high quality specialty product. It has the same appearance as  our V82 tape, however, it goes through extra production and testing to ensure that it meets 900 x 900 brightness.  This product is used by various companies that make photoelectric/sensor devices, as well as government and university labs that use it for testing. Oralite Photoelectric sheeting is designed for use with retroreflective type photoelectric sensors, either with or without the use of polarizing filters. The sheeting is composed of cube corner (microprism) retroreflective elements in a flexible, smooth-surfaced tough and weather resistant polymeric film. P82 has a solvent and weather resistant top coating for a longer life. We carry 2" x 10 foot and 2" x 50 foot rolls.