ORALITE V92 Daybright Prismatic Retro Reflective Tape

ORALITE "Daybright" V92 prismatic retro reflective tape. High performance, 5 year, rugged, weather resistant, polyester based film. The unique daybright pattern makes this tape highly visible both day and night. Like all ORALITE products V92 is made in one layer making it the lowest profile tape on the market. Will not delaminate.  Used to mark loading dock areas, bollards, poles, gates, barricades, tractor trailers, police cars, emergency vehicles, school buses, etc... Light is reflected via micro prisms making the tape many times brighter than glass bead type tapes.  Visible thousands of feet away versus hundreds for standard reflective tape. Simple peel and stick application.  Available in WHITE, SCHOOL BUS YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, and RED rolls.  1", 2", 3", 4", 6" widths in 30' and 150' length rolls.