1" Oralite V92 Daybright Prismatic Tape Rolls - 30' & 150' Rolls

Regular price $39.99
Oralite Reflexite White Prismatic V92 Reflective Tape
Oralite v92 Red Orange Prismatic Reflective Tape
Oralite V92 Daybright Blue Green Reflective Prismatic Tape
Blue Green Yellow V92 Oralite Reflective Prismatic Tape

1 x 30 Rolls - $39.99

1 x 150 Rolls - $99.99

  • 7 times brighter than standard engineer grade.
  • Single layer design. Will not delaminate like other reflective tapes. Maintains reflectivity even after multiple impacts.
  • Rated for a 5 year outdoor life.
  • Visible for thousands of feet away versus hundreds with standard reflective tapes.
  • Very aggressive adhesive.  Peel, stick and press on with a soft cloth. (Clean dry smooth surface)
  • Used to mark emergency vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, helmets, loading dock areas, bollards, poles, dumpster, gates, barricades, tractor trailers, and more.
  • Available in WHITE, SCHOOL BUS YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, and RED rolls.
  • 1", 2", 3", 4", 6" widths available.

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