Chevron and Reflective Panels in Alternate Colors

Chevron and Reflective Panels in Alternate Colors

Chevron and Reflective Panels in Different Colors - ReflectivePro (Custom Panels Website)

Lime and Red Reflective Panels are highly effective due to the brightness of the Fluorescent Lime both day and night and the contrast of the Red. It is for this reason that the Lime and Red color combination is used by fire departments and EMS vehicles. These panels grab the attention of other drivers.

The problem is that other industries often want to use different color combinations so that they are safe, but not mistaken for an EMS vehicle. Since there are no laws governing which colors you can use, any combination is fine. That is where Bryson at our affiliate site comes in.  He produces both low and high contrast panels in a huge variety of color combinations.  The images below will give you an idea of some of the colors available and what they look like.

white and blue reflective oralite chevron panels
blue and white (Silver) reflective chevron panels
The blue and white reflective chevron panels above are often used by water companies to mark their utility trucks.  Also, companies that use blue and white in their company colors will often use these so that everything matches.
black and school bus yellow reflective chevron panels
school bus yellow and black reflective panel
These reflective school bus yellow and black panels were done for a customer that used these two colors in their company logos.  The black is non reflective and the yellow is very reflective thus giving an incredible contrast at night.
orange and red reflective chevron panel 
This is a Red and Orange panel that we did for a customer.  We were not sure how much contrast there would be but it actually turned out great.  Both the red and the orange are reflective and at night it really gets people's attention.
Reflective Black and Reflective Red Chevron Panel
black engineer grade (reflects white) and red chevron panel
Believe it or not, the two pictures above are of the same panel.  Black engineer grade reflective is black in the daytime and reflects white at night.  This creates a panel that is black and red in daylight, and white and red at night when reflecting. The black (Oralite Rapid Air) engineer-grade can be combined with any color to create a really cool look.  
orange lime white black red reflective chevron panels
lime white red orange black reflective panels
Here is an image of several combinations of colors.  All the colors are reflective except for the black.  It is non reflective to give more contrast.  
Lime and Green Reflective Chevron Panels
These lime and green chevron rolls are very popular due to the unique and complementary color combination and the nice contrast.  We have customers buy long rolls of left hand and right hand slants and also two piece panels where one panel has both slants.
Bryson at Reflective Pro carries several other background colors which include Fluorescent Orange, School Bus Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red.  These along with lime and white can be combined with overlays in blue, red, green, and orange.  For more color combinations he can use engineer grade reflective yellow, red, black, green, orange, white, purple, etc.. to create an enormous collection of color combinations. Finally, if you want more contrast, the alternating color can be a non reflective vinyl.