Nikkalite High Intensity Prismatic (Type 4) Spec Sheet

Our Nikkalite High Intensity Micro Prismatic Grade is a Type 4 film (HIM) designed for signs and graphic applications.  It is a Vivid "Air Backed Prismatic" film with a thickness slightly thinner than a credit card. Our High Intensity Prismatic Type 4 is flexible (bendable) but not stretchable. HIM is about five times as bright as our flexible engineer grade and available in 6 vivid colors, all of which we carry in house.

Applying this tape is a simple peel and stick process.  The image below shows the colors that are available.

Below the image there is a link that will open up a specifications sheet (cut sheet) for this product. Please note that on typed films like HIM Type 4, the reflectivity chart shows the minimum standards for the tape.  Actual reflectivity is higher than the chart.  The specifications sheet outlines the photo-metrics of each color, as well as a variety of other technical data.

Nikkalite High Intensity Micro Prismatic Type 4 Reflective Tape

Click Here for a Spec Sheet for our High Intensity Prismatic Grade Type 4 Tape