6" V82 Type 5 Prismatic Chevron Tape Rolls - 30' & 150' Rolls

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V82 Chevron Striping Tape by Oralite. Type 5 Prismatic Reflective. 10 Year Outdoor Rating.

Solid Yellow or Red 6" x 30' Reflective Rolls - $119.99 per roll

Solid Yellow or Red 6" x 150' Reflective Rolls - $429.99 per roll

ORALITE V82 Conspicuity Material is a Type V microprismatic retroreflective sheeting. V82  (AP1000) tape is often used to mark the rear and sides of fire trucks as well as emergency vehicles.

ORALITE V82 tape is about 10 times brighter than standard engineer grade tape and three times as bright as high intensity reflective. Light is reflected via micro prisms making the tape much brighter than glass bead type tapes. 

-ASTM D4956 Type 5 Reflective Tape. Brightest in the Oralite Line.

-Single layer design meaning it will not delaminate like other reflective tapes.

-Rated for a 10 year outdoor life.

-Visible for thousands of feet away versus hundreds with standard reflective tapes.

-Very aggressive adhesive.  Peel, stick and press on with a soft cloth. (Clean dry smooth surface)

-Used to mark emergency vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, helmets, loading dock areas, bollards, poles, dumpsters, gates, barricades, tractor trailers, and more.

-On this page we carry STANDARD YELLOW and RED rolls.

Our 6" V82 Type 5 Prismatic Chevron Tape Rolls - 30' & 150' Rolls reflective product is designed to increase safety through enhanced visibility. Every project has its own special characteristics and requirements. We carry a large catalog of reflective tapes to meet the requirements of a multitude of applications. If you have any questions about our 6" V82 Type 5 Prismatic Chevron Tape Rolls - 30' & 150' Rolls click on the contact link and let us know.

Inventory Last Updated: Apr 18, 2024