Reflective Diamond Plate Tabs - Peel & Stick - Lime & Red - NFPA 1901

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QUANTITY OF ONE = 1 Sheet of Reflective Diamond Plate Tabs (One SF of coverage.  Covers a 12 x 12 inch area - red or lime)

V98 Fluorescent Lime Diamond Tabs (reflective) - $20.00 (sheet of 75 Tabs - 1 Square Foot+ Coverage) Fits all standard diamond plate.

V98 Red Diamond Tabs (reflective) - $20.00 (sheet of 75 - 1 Square Foot+ Coverage) Fits all standard diamond plate.

To order our Diamond Plate Chevron Tabs, select either red or lime tabs using the drop down menu.  Then use the quantity box to designate how many square feet of coverage you need for each color.  Then select add to cart.  Once you have added to cart, return to this page repeat for the other color.  The total square feet of coverage for both colors should be equal to or greater than how much diamond plate area you need to cover.  For example, if you have 6 square feet of diamond plate, you would order 3 square feet of red and 3 square feet of lime. (Each sheet has a few extra tabs.)

Our Diamond Tabs represent our latest design for creating chevron designs and stripes on diamond plate.  This design is required to meet NFPA 1901 requirements. We cut all of our the diamond plate shapes from Oralite V98 Conformable Micro Prismatic Sheeting, the highest quality in the reflective sheeting industry. Our TABS fit the standard diamond plate like you see in the pictures. Diamond tabs fit all spacings for diamond plate, therefore it is not necessary to test for size like with our Chevron Strips.  This new design is twice as fast as dots to install and about 50% brighter due to better coverage.  More of the flat area is filled in with the new shape. 

Applying our diamond tabs is a simple peel and stick method.  As you apply, the process becomes quicker.  Each strip takes just a few seconds to install.  The design is made to go around the diamonds.  Of all of our diamond plate shapes, the diamond tab gives the best looking finished product.  They are twice as fast to apply as dots, about fifty percent brighter, with a much nicer finished look.  

To read our article on  how to estimate the number of shapes you will need for your diamond plate click here.

    If you have any questions about our Reflective Diamond Plate Tabs - Peel & Stick - Lime & Red - NFPA 1901 please reach out to us using the contact link above. Also, if this is not the product you need, please use the "Products" drop down menu above. We carry a wide variety of reflective tapes in a multitude of colors, lengths, widths and types. If you do not find what you need just let us know and we can try and source it for you.

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