GP801 - "POLICE" Logo - Sew On Prismatic Reflective Garment Panels 4" - Oralite

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4" wide Oralite GP801 "POLICE" Logo Back Patch. Sew On Garment Trim.  4" Blue and Silver (white)wide roll. Cut on site to create individual (3.5" x 10") patches.  ORALITE® GP 801 is a tough weather and solvent resistant tape designed to be sewn on to high visibility garments. GP801 a metalized reflective prismatic film that reflects at over 1000 candelas.  The reflective element is bonded to a fabric backing for easy sew on application.

  • Sew on metalized trim designed for identification of police, fire and emergency responders.

On this page we sell 4" x 25' , 4" x 50' , and 4" x 100' rolls. (one POLICE logo per foot)

4" x 25' Roll - $60 (25 logos)

4" x 50' - $110 (50 logos)

4" x 100' - $160 (100 logos)

Each POLICE logo is 3.5" x 10" in size with a 1/4" silver border for sewing.  There are two logos every 24 inches.  So a 25 foot roll would have 25 - 3.5" x 10" logos.  A 50 foot roll would have 50 logos.  And so on.  To use the POLICE logos, simply cut them from the roll, and sew on to your garment.

We also have the matching "Checkered" GP800 material in 2"  x 30 or 100' rolls or By The Foot to go with this product.

***Our Law Enforcement (POLICE) sew on panels and any other Law Enforcement decals are ONLY available to official Law Enforcement Agencies or Law Enforcement Officers.  Before Law Enforcement products are shipped, we require either proof of agency for law enforcement departments, or drivers license and official identification for individuals.  This is in compliance with State and Federal law pertaining to impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer.  Please contact us with any questions.***

At Reflective Inc. we carry an extensive catalog of reflective tape types, widths and colors. Our GP801 - "POLICE" Logo - Sew On Prismatic Reflective Garment Panels 4" - Oralite is only one of the choices we have. When it comes to safety and visibility, it is our business to make sure we have what you need, when you need it. If you need a custom size or color, please click on the contact link above and let us know.

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