GP800 - 2" Checker Reflective Garment Trim - 30' or 100' - Sew On - Oralite

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On this page we carry our incredibly bright GP800 Blue and Silver (white) or Green and Silver (white) checkered garment trim.  We offer this garment trim in 2" x 30' and 2" x 100' rolls.

2" x 30' Foot Roll - (Blue/Silver or Green/Silver) - $55.00

2" x 100' Foot Roll - (Blue/Silver or Green/Silver) - $140.00

GP800 reflective trim is designed for sew-on application to high visibility safety apparel such as insulated jackets, breathable rainwear, uniforms, etc. It complies with all the requirements for retroreflective trim in accordance with ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 and CSA Z96-2022 for Level 2 photometric performance.  GP800 reflects when wet, providing greater safety for the wearer.  An abrasion and weather resistant surface assures a long service life.

Reflectivity is over 1000 candela's, which is twice as bright as exposed glass bead films.  GP800 can handle over 100 wash cycles.  (do not dry clean)  This is a reflective sew on film with 8 - 10 stiches per inch recommended.



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Reflective Tape Inventory Updated: Apr 18, 2024