24" - 5650 Rapid Air Engineer Grade Reflective - BY THE FOOT - Oralite

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Oralite 5650 Rapid Air Type 1 Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting sold BY THE FOOT.  On this page we sell 24 inch wide material for $12 per foot.  Colors offered are White and Black.  For other colors, contact us.  5650 is a 7 year outdoor durable film with smooth coloration and no pattern. Very popular for graphics applications.


Oralite 5650 Rapid Air is quite simply the best engineer grade reflective film that you can buy.  It is the brightest of all the Type 1 retro reflective tapes and has an Air Regress or Air Release backing.  This special backing allows air to escape from under the tape during installation, thus eliminating air bubbles.  This allows the film to be installed dry.  Just apply, and press out any bubbles with a soft cloth, squeegee, or your finger.


5650 Rapid Air is also digitally printable.  This film is more expensive than standard engineer grade films, but the additional brightness and rapid air backing make the extra investment worth it. 5650 Rapid Air Spec Sheet.


24 Inch Wide - $12.00 Per Foot 

Thank you for taking a look at our 24" - 5650 Rapid Air Engineer Grade Reflective - BY THE FOOT - Oralite collection. If you have a unique application and need a custom reflective product, please contact us at or (850) 934-3157. We can review your application and provide you with quote. Also, the "Products" dropdown below is a quick link to all the reflective products we sell. Thanks for shopping with Reflective Inc.