2 Piece Chevron Panel Kits - (3" - 12" Wide - 4 INCH WIDE Stripes) - 18 Color Combinations

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Quantity One = One 2 piece reflective chevron panel kit with "4 INCH WIDE" stripes, consisting of a left and right slant panel. Also includes clear seam sealing tape for the center seam and outer edges. 

(Note - before choosing your color, review the color combo images in our gallery above. Also, note in our gallery photos that the stripes on the panels on this page are 4" wide, giving you more stripes per panel.)

Our 3" - 12" wide chevron panels with 4" wide stripes provide enhanced visibility for trucks and vans that stop and start around traffic, making them visible from hundreds, to over a thousand feet away.  Fire trucks use Red and Lime, however, for other industries, alternative colors are desired. It is for this reason that we provide a variety of colors for our easy to install two piece panels. (custom color combinations available)

Our two piece kits  are custom printed on highly reflective Oralite V98 and then laminated for a long outdoor life.  Two piece panels are easier to apply, more affordable, conform better to surfaces, and are available in more color combinations.  On this page we carry from 3"- 12" wide panels. We have 15", 18" and 24" panels here.

Each of our two piece kits consists of a left and right side panel that are applied together to form a perfect chevron design on the back of your vehicle.  As a bonus, we provide you with clear 1/2" seam and edge tape that can be applied in the center and perimeter of your panel.  This is optional but will extend the life of the application if installed. It also protects from damage when vehicles are washed.  

To install the kit, simply peel from the backing, and install the left and right sections to create your chevron. (Making guides with small pieces of masking tape will help you line up the panels.) After the panel is installed, you can apply seam tape over the center, and around the edges if desired.  

Size choices are: 

  • 3" x 68" (34" right section and 34" left) - $55
  • 4" x 68" (34" right section and 34" left) - $65
  • 6" x 68" (34" right section and 34" left) - $75
  • 8" x 68" (34" right section and 34" left) - $90
  • 12" x 68" (34" right section and 34" left) - $130

 Color choices are:  

  • Lime Yellow / Red
  • Lime Yellow / Orange
  • Lime Yellow / Black
  • Lime Yellow / Green
  • True Lime / Red
  • True Lime / Orange
  • True Lime / Black
  • True Lime / Green
  • True Lime / Teal
  • True Lime / Purple
  • White (silver) / Red
  • White (silver) / Orange
  • White (silver) / Black
  • White (silver) / Green
  • White (silver) / Teal
  • White (silver) / Purple
  • Dark Blue / Light Blue
  • Red / Black

    You can make your size choice using the drop down menus above. 

    Because we custom print these panels, a wide variety of color combinations are available. See our picture gallery on this page for reference.  Also, if you are looking for a color combination that is not listed, email me at or call 850-934-3157.  Also, please note that we carry both "True Lime" and "Lime Yellow". (see picture) And finally, notice that our white color is a silvery white in the day, and bright white at night when reflecting.


    Need assistance with your 2 Piece Chevron Panel Kits - (3" - 12" Wide - 4 INCH WIDE Stripes) - 18 Color Combinations purchase? At Reflective Inc., our experts are available to answer any questions you may have, and to make sure you get exactly what you need for your safety / visibility project. Feel free to email us at, text us at 850-525-2401 or call us at 850-934-3157.

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