ORALITE Red/White and Solid White DOT Reflective Tape

Oralite V52 (Diamond Plate Pattern) DOT - 2" Rolls - Red/White & Solid White

Regular price $119.99
Oralite V52 Prismatic DOT C2 Reflective Tape

2 x 150 Rolls - V52 (diamond plate pattern) 7/11 Red & White (silver) - $119.99

2 x 150 Rolls - V52 (diamond plate pattern) Solid White (silver) - $119.99

  • Oralite V52. Made in the USA.  Easy to apply. Simply peel the backing off and apply to a clean surface. Then apply pressure using a squeegee or soft cloth. 
  • Brightness and contrast between the two colors makes this tape stand out day and night.   
  • Oralite DOT tapes are made in a patented single layer design thus eliminating problems that arise from delamination.  They DO NOT come apart like other brands. 
  • 2″ DOT tapes can be used for DOT applications such as marking DOT regulated tractor trailers.
  • Thin, flexible and weather proof.  Maintains Reflectivity after Impact.
Click here for a V52 spec sheet. 

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