Chevron Panels made from Reflective DOTS - Red and Lime

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Quantity 1 = One 5" x 68" Chevron Panel Decal cut from V98 Lime and Red 1/2" dots.  (34 inches left slant and 34 inches right slant)

Dots are transfer taped together and ready to install.  To apply, simply peel off the backing, apply to a clean surface, squeegee, and then peel off the transfer tape.

Price - $80 for a 5" x 68" panel.  Comes as 2 pieces, one left and one right.  Apply together horizontally. 

Why use a chevron panel made from reflective dots? Simple.  Chevrons made from dots can go over glass and be seen through from the inside.  They can be installed over emblems and logos.  

  • Red and Fluorescent Lime Chevron Panel Decal made from hundreds of 1/2" V98 dots.  

  • Reflective DOT Chevrons have 5 year outdoor rating. (Note that when trucks are parking indoors the life of the tape is greatly extended.)  

  • Very bright NFPA approved lime and red material.  Can be seen a thousand feet away at night. 

  • As stated above, because the decal is made from dots, it can be placed over logos and raised areas. Simply apply over emblems, and then pull away the unneeded dots. Works great.

  • Great for applications on glass.  Can be seen through from the inside of the vehicle. (see picture above)

  • Ideal for application on ambulances, police, fire and other EMS vehicles.  Easy to cut and no edge sealing required.

  • Patented single layer film. Will not delaminate. Withstands mild power washing.

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    Inventory Last Updated: Jan 15, 2021